Photography as crystallized music

Music and photography, languages that belong to me. Although belonging to the domain of time, the other to the domain of space, they have a natural affinity for me. Each of my images is composed like a musical score.

Sequences and polyptychs

As a piece of music or a movie, I have designed a number of projects in the form of photographic sequence.

A story whose visual flow is plotted by me in time of composition, but modulated by the observer. 


Digital review of the origins of photography. The work arises from stratification of multiple images. Sediments of

shapes, lights, colors, excavated as in an archaeological site, until assuming the representation I have in my mind.

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Artistic itinerary

My photographic activity is conducted in a non-systematic and linear way, because of music commitments

that in certain periods have almost completely absorbed my time.

Not only did music affect my creative path, but also the art of the Renaissance and Baroque, thanks to the

daily contact with museums, churches and historic buildings in Rome,where I am artistic director

of interdisciplinary art and music projects. Here vision and creativity are constantly developed.


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