Edition of 7; 40x60 cm.; Giclée artprint on paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gr.


I am looking for answers to my questions on these surfaces,or perhaps it is the rocks themselves that interrogate me, from the depths of the geological eras in which they took shape. I am in a deep relationship with the subject, I contemplate its harsh beauty and contrasted brightness, revealed by the powerful August sun in every passage, from pure white to deep black.

Before my eyes matter, light and time unfold, a revelation in front of an entire life, mine for example, is only a fragment, the opening and closing of the shutter.

These rocks, a subject similar to the one that inspired Minor White in 1950, become a counterpoint to the psalmist's voice: "Teach us to count our days" (Ps 90,12). The theme of the finitenesse of existence belongs to every human being, of every creed, latitude, epoch. This is the horizon and the focus of this sequence. The equivalence, to use the language of White and Stiegliz himself, aroused in me by this visual experience.

At the end, the tide rises unexpectedly, confusing the whole scenario, transfiguring it. Everything sinks under the shifting sheet of water. Only now, even for a single instant, can the reflection of an image arise, of a possible response to the shout launched by the psalmist, who is also mine, and perhaps yours.

It is very clear to me that not everyone wants or manages to empathize with these images. It is also clear to me that what they can produce no longer belongs to the author, but only to the experience that the observer will make of it.


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