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EDIZIONI KYTHARA, a catalog of my original compositions, critical revisions, reconstructions, antique-style compositions.


Titles are available upon request. In my specific case, I consider inappropriate to protect the works relying on third parties. I chose to make them available through a simple written agreement with the organization or the musician.

For any information send a request to the contact form.

Original compositions


One-act play for dancers, voice-over, singer, medieval traversa, viella, electroacoustic. 


Quintet for Kythara, Tibia obliqua, Kalimba, Tibetan bells, Tympanon.

(playable also with modern instruments: harp, flute, celesta, percussion)

Aulodia XVI

For an orchestra of 9 transverse flutes (or multiples of 9).

(One-note instruments built on a cane such as modern, renaissance or medieval flutes...). 


For pentatonic flute, beak flute, transverse flute or other wood instruments.


Funeral lament for the Unknown Migrant

For solo flute


Critical reviews

Giacomo Carissimi: O pretiosum

Motect for soprano, violin and continuo

Alessandro Scarlatti: Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi secundum Ioannem

Oratory for soloists, choir, strings and continuo

Alessandro Scarlatti: Il Trionfo della Gratia

Oratory for two sopranos, alto, strings and continuo




Sylvius Leopold Weiss: 4 Sonate for Traversiere and Lute

Recreation of the traversiere’s lost sheet, and one section of the lute


Ancient style compositions


Madrigale leonardesco

for soprano, traversiere and six courses lute

Based on text and musical rebus by Leonardo

Ricercare a tre

for Consort of Renaissance transverse flutes

On Leonardo da Vinci’s rebus

Tre Ricercari

for Renaissance transverse flutes and six courses lute 

On Leonardo da Vinci’s rebus


for lute solo

On Leonardo da Vinci’s rebus


Six voices, two choirs madrigal

on Beatles’ song

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