Musical digigraphs

When I’m composing, my preference for ancient music and digital world emerges. On the one hand I go in search of an archaic sound, on the other I use the electro-acoustic medium.


The musical path is expressed with a notation that I call "digigraphy". It is elaborated through computer graphics, often with a background of photographic image of mine, which underlines the expressive nature of the piece. The representation of sound parameters is elaborated according to the nature of the single piece and uses an alternative spelling to the traditional one.


My digigraphic compositions are animated by instruments from musical traditions, far away from us in time or space; in some cases I suggest their construction to the interpreter. However, they can also be performed with traditional instruments.

Excerpts from my scores:


Electroacoustic Music


My electro-acoustic production is oriented to the construction of sequences and sound structures that can interact with live acoustic elements, such as the reciting voice, singer or musical instruments. Listen to a song from the opera ‘Scivias', one-act Opera for dancers, voice-over, singer, medieval traversa, viella, electroacoustic.