Weiss: a reconstruction operation

The part of Traversiere of these Sonatas by S.L. Weiss has been lost, only the tablature of Lute (London manuscript) remains. For this engraving brilliant classic, I completely reconstructed the part of Traversiere and a section missing also in the part of Lute. The ‘Chaconne’ of the Sonata n. 14 is among the most precious pieces on the CD.

Ardo d'amore: music in Rome in the time of Caravaggio

The CD offers an overview of the music of the beginning of 600s, between vocal and instrumental, sacred and profane repertoire. The artistic research of Caravaggio, tending to highlight the subject in light compared to the background in shadow, finds correspondence in music in the nascent accompanied monody.

The CD can be purchased on the site

Princeps musicae, monograph on Palestrina

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Prince of music, is considered the greatest polyphonist of all the times. This CD presents a Mass in the first recording and a series of Motects.

Fandango! The sparkling Spanish Baroque

The repertoire of this CD is dedicated to the typical instruments of Spanish baroque music: the Guitar with five orders and the triple Harp. I made a concertation, involving together with these two instruments Cembalo, Viola da gamba, Percussion, and obviously my Baroque Traversiere. Here is a track.

Bernini's Baroque Rome and music

While Bernini and Borromini transformed Rome with their architectural wonders, music developed a repertoire of extraordinary qualitative level, starting from sound animation with spectacular sacred liturgies that already in the 17th century attracted visitors from all over Europe to the city. The Miserere by Gregorio Allegri is the musical emblem of this period. The CD contains my reading (here reduced compared to the original) together with the Schola Romana Ensemble, with Paola Alonzia as soprano solo. Go to the RADIO 3 Suite show with my presentation interview and tracks from the CD.

Lamentazioni di Alessandro Scarlatti

Alessandro Scarlatti is considered one of the greatest Italian opera writers of the early 18th century; in my opinion he is among the highest performers of the sacred repertoire. These Lamentations for soprano, strings and continuo, are an example of artistic value. The recording was made using the manuscript reviewed by me from the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna. Claudine Ansermet is the soprano.



La serva padrona, the masterpiece of the comic opera by Giovan Battista Pergolesi. Our set-up was realized in a real eighteenth-century room, with original period furnishings. The DVD can be purchased at the Roma Opera Omnia website

The other three DVDs, published by Planeta De Agostini, are live shots of my sacred music productions, made in baroque churches in Rome, an ideal acoustic environment for this kind of music.