Edition of 7; click on the image for the size; Giclée artprints on paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gr.


The protagonist of the photographic sequence is the "I-You" relationship, that comes to life in the vertical movement, ascending and descending: my silence lives in your voice - your voice lives in my silence. An exchange that is declined between the transcendence of heaven and the immanence of earth, elements present in all the images, expressions of the harsh and archaic beauty of the Sardinian landscape.

An iconography of a religious matrix, an expression of every time and every latitude. Scattered between one image and another, further traces will be presented to the eye.

The experience, the degree of involvement, the inner disposition of the observer will be able to find and reorder clusters of meaning, naturally beyond my intentions, and also mark the moments of the visual itinerary. In order not to interfere with the reading options, I have chosen not to accompany the photographs with other media, for example literary.

From the structural point of view the sequence has an open form, single-span. The relationships that bind the individual images are very subtle, designed to give coherence and linearity to the flow. Starting from the gravitational core that generates them, the photos are projected in a multiplicity of directions, territories suspended between light and darkness, finite and infinite, heights and abysses, magnitudes at the boundaries of which always lingers man in his perennial, insuppressible tension towards the absolute.

The sequence, or some image, I hope can be the reader's companion even for a moment, in the inner journey he makes - believer or not - in the silence of the soul.


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