• Education: Flute, Composition, Orchestral Conducting.

• Awards: Foyer des Artistes 1994 for Orchestral Conducting.

• Professional experiences: hundreds of international concerts as music director, conductor and singer (bassus) of Renaissance polyphony and multi-instrumentalist in ancient music. As principal conductor of the Orchestra Mozart Sinfonietta he has collaborated with soloists such as Boris Bloch, Luìs Bacalov, Carlo Bruno, Alessandro Carbonare. Stefano is artistic director of Roma Opera Omnia and I Suoni dello Spirito festival; Producer of the Opera Omnia label; Composer; director of Schola Romana Ensemble; creator and performer of the Traverse Consort.

Photography: exhibitions, artist books, fine art prints. 

• Digital editor: audio, photo, video with most common professional software.

ReleasesEssays, critical revisions, compositions, education and didactics for Rugginenti, Esarmonia, Solfanelli, Verso l’arte, Edizioni Kythara.

Tv and Radio interviews: performances and interviews on Rai Radio 3 Suite - La stanza della musica, Radio Vaticana, Rai News.

CDs and DVDs: Brilliant classic, De Agostini, Niccolò, Chromamedia, Opera Omnia, Audiovisivi S. Paolo.

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